Clothes and semiotics

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Spanish and their clothes. I do that quite a lot…. have you noticed? Anyway, I’m a bit freaked out by the fact that everyone dresses the same; maybe it’s simply that the weather constricts people’s dress options. The only alternative hypothesis I can come up with is that it reflects a great deal of social conformity and I’m not at all sure that this is a good thing.

I’m reminded of a story told to me by a friend who lived in the States for a while. All his neighbours had American flags planted on their front lawns and, apart from football fans, this is not something we Brits go in for. He got lots of rather barbed comments until he grudgingly plonked a little flag in front of his home.

Aware of Spain’s fascist past this is something that makes me a little uncomfortable. Hey, maybe I should just lighten up a little, eh? I certainly need to find out a lot more about Spanish society; it’s undeniably a country with a rich cultural heritage and I’d hate to think I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick.


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One Response to Clothes and semiotics

  1. Sarah says:

    Sneaky, you never told me about this……found you out!

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