Obnoxious Fat Kids

I once witnessed an obnoxious fat kid verbally abusing a cashier on board a ferry. The cashier sat in his little glass cubicle and gritted his teeth whilst the teenager shouted as many variants on the theme of ‘fucking slimy cunt’ that he could think of. It got repetitive fairly quickly and I’ve naturally regretted not intervening somehow. So anyway, few years later on here I am taking a pee in the rather swish marble tiled toilet block of the campsite; there’s a lot of noise going on behind me and as I round the corner to the washbasins there’s an obnoxious fat kid climbing up on to the top of the marble worksurfaces with his unlaced muddy trainers. He dances around a bit and kicks off some of the soap bars whilst loudly shouting what I assume are Spanish obscenities. My ex-teacher instinct kicks in and I’m about to remonstrate with him when he suddenly jumps down to the wet floor. Oh. foolish boy….. you should have laced your trainers properly! Crashing to the floor with a loud crack he writhes around in agonised silence whilst his mate opens and closes his mouth like a goldfish.

Good job I’d just emptied my bladder or I’d have wet myself.


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