When we first met I knew we were kindred spirits; our passion for photography; love of books; and a slightly geeky interest in technology. We spent our first night together simply talking for hours about our families, past relationships, politics and friendships – revelling in mutual affirmation as much as the physical pleasure of being together. It was also apparent from the start that we shared a terrible capacity for self destruction, and the following six months together were immensely difficult for her as she coped with the death of both her parents. She pulled through by sheer strength of will and, I hope, a little help from me and we started to build a possible future together. I think we both knew it would be a rocky path – and so it proved to be – she with her fiery temperament and capricious nature and me with my blockheaded obstinacy. We parted several times, but the ties that bind us are strong and I could never bear to be away from her for long. I still don’t know what she saw in me, but I always knew what I saw in her; her grace and beauty underneath that self-deprecating shell; the fragility behind the fearsome temper; and above all the need to be loved – borne of the pain of past rejection from those she most needed to love her. How could I not love her? We don’t get many chances in life to be with someone who truly loves us, warts-and-all, so I guess I just wanted to state for the record: Sarah, I’ll always love you.


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