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In the shower, no one can hear you scream

Our shower is a wonderful space-age construction; all sliding curved glass and glowing white tiled walls. I almost expect it to speak to me with a mellifluous HAL voice… “Good morning John, I hope you enjoy your shower today…” Thankfully … Continue reading

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Today we were mostly exercising the principles of democracy in our choice of film at the local cinema. We ended up watching Chronicle. Yes, I had lost by two to one. Next time there will almost certainly be a political … Continue reading

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Sheaf View

I drove past the Sheaf View today. It wasn’t an easy thing to do as it had always been my habit to call in after I’d finished my tutoring session at HDT. It made me feel part of the local community- something … Continue reading

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When we first met I knew we were kindred spirits; our passion for photography; love of books; and a slightly geeky interest in technology. We spent our first night together simply talking for hours about our families, past relationships, politics … Continue reading

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The Rutland Arms

I’m enjoying watching the ink flow from the nib onto the paper, it’s wetness glistening with reflected orange light from the bar. It’s quieter now… just the murmur of distant conversations in moderate tones. The atmosphere is mellow and warm; … Continue reading

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The Stadium

The stadium stands are crowded with a cross-section of society. Milling around they are either bored or deep in animated conversation. They mostly cluster around the bookies next to the finishline. Except for the hordes of teenagers who populate the … Continue reading

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CityJet, somewhere over France……

There’s a trio of Jolly Thirty-somethings making a fuss at the back of the plane. They are all (two men and a woman) very well dressed and handsome and speak more loudly than anyone else, just as they have done … Continue reading

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